Head of creative production
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As Head of creative production for the company SmartupVideo, I produce one-minute videos for sharing on Social Media. We distribute social media videos to several countries. Examples are Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. To expand, we will work with several translators at once. I created the graphic profile of the video. Also, I am developing the […]

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Video for U.S. Special Operations graduation
pararescue, screenshot, video, special operations, air force

With only very few days and an even lesser amount of video material, I managed to edit this video for the Pararescue Class 16-04 for their graduation party. Video editing Most of the shots were filmed vertically and had to be corrected in the editing process. This video was edited over two days, and the […]

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Holder Danmark I Live

For an entire day, Danish Health Professionals and hospitals were followed by cameras. We covered just one day of how they fight to “Keep Denmark Alive”, which is also the title of the tv-show. I was sent to the emergency room of a hospital in a rural area of Denmark alongside a cameraman. During that […]

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Video Journalist at TV station

I worked as a journalist and one-man-show video journalist at the TV station TV 2/Bornholm in Denmark. During my time there, I worked alongside a cameraman and holding the camera myself – producing at least one story for the news at every news shift. Here’s an example of that: Election preparation in Denmark – following […]

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Women Deliver 2016 – Live production
Jessica Biel, WDLive, WD, Women Deliver 2016, Videojournalist

At the World’s biggest women’s conference 2016, WOMEN DELIVER 2016, I was part of the live production team. We ran the live show from a professional studio set up in the middle of the conference area. For weeks before the beginning of the conference, I researched, interviewed and prepared for the live interviews. During the […]

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Video journalist in Germany
Video, tyskland, effektiv, hurtig

This is an example of very fast video production for a social media video. In a very limited time frame, I managed to produce a video, the company found joy in sharing on social media. It took 10 minutes to both set up the Canon DSLR and filmed short interviews for a 2-minute long video […]

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