I worked as a journalist and one-man-show video journalist at the TV station TV 2/Bornholm in Denmark. During my time there, I worked alongside a cameraman and holding the camera myself – producing at least one story for the news at every news shift.

Here’s an example of that: Election preparation in Denmark – following a young politician

A couple of times, I also tried my hand at hosting a show. Click the photo underneath here to see me present (in Danish) the story of a club that makes their own swords and armor to fight in.

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Pre interviewing

On the days I didn’t work news shifts or planned out longer formats to shoot, I would be lining up guests for the weekly local talk show. During these shifts, I would source out the good stories, cold call people and convince them to appear in the show for an interview. If they agreed, I was responsible for a long pre-interview for the host of the show. I would also suggest questions, I knew the interviewee had great answers to.